Hot and Crusty killed David’s Bagel

September 14, 2008

After reading this I had to write a letter:

To Charlie Toufus and Business Partner/Landlord,

and a downright SHAME that the only way you think you can do business is to bully out one of the neighborhood’s truly unique gems, David’s Bagels.

David’s Bagels has been a part of this neighborhood and has faithfully served us for so many years, so many many years, and has become a part of our lives, it hurts that they are gone because of your corny EYESORE of a “Hot and Crusty” that doesn’t even serve a decent bagel nor an “OK” pizza. Your hot & crusty will never see the 21 year longevity David’s Bagels has, and for a reason- as many say not only is your food subpar, and nowhere in league to compete with Una Pizza, Artichoke, etc… your establishment has no soul.

In addition, it is NAUSEATING to walk by your pizzeria to see your guys leave half-made UNCOOKED pizzas to linger in the sun for long periods of time. This is something we see and feel sick about every time we all walk by your First avenue window. Leaving the uncooked pizza dough in the sun while the chinzy layer of sauce dries up, is plainly NOT HEALTHY, UNSAFE and UNBELIEVABLY UNAPPETIZING.

Instead of doing friendly marketing to the thousands of stomachs of our community, you’ve hurt us by removing our daily breakfast spot, and hurt our friends at David’s Bagels. David’s Bagels is SORELY missed, and now that we all know WHY they are gone, we are boycotting your Hot and Crusty and hope that something better soon comes along to that cursed business corner and actually survives, flourishes and connects with our community.

We won’t eat at your place or spend even a penny there simply because you’ve destroyed our options.

Most sincerely,
So many of us in Stuyvesant Town and the neighborhood

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Seth said…

It’s devastating. Join me in a permanent boycott of that Hot and Crusty.
9/4/08 11:36 AM

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The new Hot & Crusty on 14th & 1st has to be the worst one I’ve ever walked into. The service is atrocious. Half the staff couldn’t care less about being there and when you ask for help, they ignore you.

Posted by: daniel Peterson | July 15, 2008 at 08:24 PM
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Alan N.
New York, NY

…I just wish they weren’t closing due to Hot & Crusty opening up. Never go to H&C. But at least there’s another Davids on 19th…

(note: “Spanish” edited as it was unintentionally and incorrectly used. Sincere Apologies.)